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Trying to find my tech niche.

I have been trying to find the perfect tech niche for me to specialize in. I have already looked into frontend, backend, artificial intelligence, devops, cybersecurity, mobile and a variety of other stuff. Why is it so hard the sweet spot? I think that the best choice here will be to chose backend development, because it is the position that fulfills most of the things I like in IT and doesn't have the negative aspects of the other ones.

Frontend? That's what I know the most, but I don't think having a career in this position it that good. It can be fun, but I want something that is more related to coding than design. Artificial intelligence? Pays well, but I find it boring. Devops? same as AI. Cybersecurity? It would be my choice, if I didn't have to spend so much money with certifications. Mobile? My computer doesn't have enough RAM to run an emulator.

And I a sure that there are other topics I forgot to mention here that I have already considered. But why backed? Simple: Pays well, makes me write code, overlaps with some frontend knowledge and has a bunch of resources for me to learn from.

So I decided I'll be following this roadmap for the next months and try to learn every topic mentioned here. I know it will take a long time, that's why I will learn the topics, and not all the technologies listed there.

Wish me luck.